Project Info

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  • Client : John Amanda
  • Category : Business, Corporate, Technology
  • Date : 22 October 19
  • Website :
  • Location : New York

Project Info

About HRM & Payroll Application

Human Resource Management system(HRM) & Payroll has become one of the most important tools for any corporate environment. It’s very easy for any kind of businesses and helps to keep the HR & Payroll department clean and clear. Amazing HRM & Payroll software is not just a visualize it’s now become an essential software for maintaining every corporate office. Any company can use it for their regular tasks, employee workforce management and account management. Amazing HRM & Payroll is designed latest security Technology and it is ready for high availability web application.

Application Features

  • Bonus, Credit Facility, Salary Deduction and provident fund management
  • Employee management
  • Attendance management with report
  • Employee Attendance report
  • Customize salary Statement
  • Complete payroll management with report
  • Award management
  • Leave management with report
  • Employee role management
  • Notice board management
  • Holiday management
  • Complete expanse management with report
  • Fully HRM Management
  • Fully Payroll Management
  • Create Salary Template monthly

Benefits of HRM & Payroll System

Greater data accuracy and security

An integrated HR and payroll solution can store all sensitive data – for example, employees’ payroll numbers, tax information and personal contact details – in a single, secure system.

Data is less likely to be compromised, and a single set of data for HR and payroll means there will be no need to duplicate or collect information more than once. This results in less manual work and data entry for employees, as well as HR and payroll teams.

You can also improve your data accuracy as a result of data only having to be added into your system once. With multiple systems, more people have to input more data, increasing the risk of human error. But an integrated HR and payroll solution streamlines your data, reduces manual processes, and increases the confidence you have in your data.

Less time to process payroll

Processing payroll can be a time-consuming task, especially if your payroll team is short-staffed or if you’ve not yet outsourced payroll.

Opting for an integrated HR and payroll solution enables you to automate a greater proportion of your payroll processes – while maintaining control and approval over final payments – saving you time and effort, making pay runs more accurate, and allowing cut-off dates to be closer to pay day.

Easier reporting

Bringing together HR and payroll data can also make reporting – such as the production of gender pay gap reports – much easier. Data can be accessed quickly and easily, and HR and payroll teams can report on this data without taking up too much of their time. Easier reporting also means informed decisions about improving performance or pay can be made more quickly and easily.

Ensures compliance

HR and payroll professionals have to ensure their organisations are complying with the latest employment laws and payroll legislation, and having data organised and stored in a single system can help to improve and simplify compliance. Your single, integrated HR and payroll software will create and store an audit trail of important decisions and changes to employee records, and can even flag if regular checks or certification tasks are overdue.

Single point of contact for assistance

Having an integrated HR and payroll solution means your HR and payroll teams have a single point of contact if they need help with the system, meaning your queries can be solved swiftly and minimizing the risk of disruption to your employees.

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