Project Info

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  • Client : James Moran
  • Category : Business, Technology
  • Date : 22 October 19
  • Website :
  • Location : New York

Project Info

About the Application

Complete Ultimate Inventory with POS is a web based application that allows you to manage your sales and stock. Application has an Easy POS system for faster billing.

The application manages the Sales & Sales Return Invoices as well as Payments, Purchase & Purchase Return Invoices as well as Payments, Customers information(Customers Bulk Import), Suppliers information(Suppliers Bulk Import), Expense information, Tax & Tax Grouping, Units, Categories, Items(Items Bulk Import), Brands and business required Reports and much more.

Very responsive template used, Advanced reports for review like Sales report, Purchase Reports, Sales Payments Reports, Purchase Payments Reports, Profit & Loss Reports, Expense Reports, Customer reports, Suppliers reports, Stock Report. The application can be installed on the local computer or a server with an easy installation process.

Application Features

  • Easy & Faster Billing
  • Barcode/ Item Name/ Item Code wise Search
  • Direct Payment (Cash)
  • Multiple Payments Option
  • Category Wise Search
  • Discount Option
  • Can Hold Invoices at any time
  • Export Items/ Categories List
  • Quantity/ Stock Update
  • Add Category Wise Items
  • Sales Report
  • Purchase Report
  • Purchase Payments Report
  • Sales Payments Report
  • Expense Report
  • Stock Report
  • Profit Reports
  • Able to Export All Reports in Spreadsheets/Excel

Benefits of the Application

  • Application include multiple languages & advanced currency system
  • You can create any number of roles with customizable permissions
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