ICT Training & Consulting

ICT Training Services

ICTLinkCentre’s ICT Training Services is renowned nationwide for the high quality of its education and training courses. Many of our clients took their first computer training course with us at introductory and beginner level and have progressed with us to advanced and expert levels.

Our impressive customer base and high customer satisfaction ratings are a result of our total commitment to quality and value. For those people who don’t have much time and prefer to work on their own, we can now offer online computer training programmes to suit the varied individual customer time structure.

Our Major Training Focus

  • Website Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Internet Business
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Engineering
  • Desktop Appreciation
  • Video Animations and CAD

ICT Consultancy Services

We integrate our expertise in strategic change, process improvement and technology to provide solutions to clients as they strive to improve service delivery. Our clients deploy our services to obtain assurance that the effort and resources they expend on IT return optimal value.

Our Consultancy Services Include;

Software Selection Services

At ICTLinkCentre Consulting, we assist our customers in selecting the best software solution for their business needs. We particularly assist our customers in performing the following steps that are critical for a successful software selection:

  1. Defining the business requirements
  2. Vendor evaluation
  3. Software evaluation and selection as per the defined requirements
  4. Implementation project management

We ensure that our clients acquire the best software solutions for their current and future needs.

Post Implementation Reviews (PIR)

Once an ICT project has been completed, ICTLinkCentre Consulting assists clients in appraising the implementation to ensure that the required objectives have been fully met. This is done through conducting a Post Implementation Review (PIR). We particularly, review to ensure that:

  1. All the ICT project implementation objectives have been fully achieved as per the original blue print
  2. Budgetary and limitations have been adhered to and any changes have been properly documented
  3. Any challenges faced have been adequately resolved and documented
  4. The intended benefits for the ICT project implementation have been realized
  5. Ensure that the ICT project has been fully tested by the relevant users and cleared as what was required
  6. There are no unresolved compatibility issues
  7. All the milestones of the project have been adequately documented
  8. All required sign offs have been done
  9. The project is delivering the intended milestones.

ERP/Business Systems Implementation Quality Assurance Services

Organizations across the world are continuously making heavy investments in ERPs either for the first time or further upgrading and updating. Some are acquiring new business systems altogether, buying new modules of the same systems, enhancing existing systems modules or reconfiguring existing systems. In each case huge financial investments are involved.

At ICTLinkCentre Consulting, we apply our tested and proven methodology to assist our clients in ensuring that:

  1. All contracting documents and blueprints have been prepared and signed off
  2. All the project objectives are understood, documented and are fully achieved
  3. Project risks are understood, documented and are fully mitigated
  4. Financial budgets are reasonable and adequate to complete the projects
  5. The time allocation is reasonable to achieve the desired goals
  6. All the relevant business owners and stakeholders are involved
  7. All resources have been well planned and organized for harmonious service delivery
  8. All project documents have been completed and the project signed off

Data Consulting Services

Organizations in the Private and the Public Sector continue to face huge challenges on data management. Business Intelligence, Strategy Formulations, Fraud Management, Risk Management, Cost Management, Financial Reporting and all other business activities heavily rely on data for correct decisions to be made.

The way data is obtained, processed, stored, controlled, accessed, retrieved and applied can determined whether an organization achieves its objectives or fails in delivering its functions.

ICTLinkCentre Consulting works with clients across various industry segments to deliver data consulting services that make business owners, managers, employees, auditors, customers, suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders satisfied.

Specifically, we help our clients to:

  1. Analyze databases and ensure data security
  2. Identify critical data analytics for business intelligence for organizational planning
  3. Develop data analytics to run continuously from system databases and provide valuable insight for business auditing and monitoring
  4. Create reusable data analytics using leading data analysis tools for risk management in various operational aspects of businesses
  5. Deploy specific data analytics for fraud management, Fraud Detection, Fraud Investigation and Fraud Prevention Purposes.

ICTLinkCentre Consulting uses Various Data Analytics solutions to deliver data consulting services.

Cyber Security

The digitization of business has exposed organizations to vulnerabilities like cyber-attacks and data breaches which are costing businesses yearly hence the importance to develop security controls and measures that limit exposure.

It is therefore necessary for organizations to develop an effective cyber security program encompassing policies that include risk management coupled with regulatory and audit compliance, along with disaster recovery and continuity planning.

ICTLinkCentre Consulting assists clients in developing and implementing strategies that give insight into security breaches and data protection strategies to ensure that your security policy and operations support your strategic objectives. These strategies will ensure proactive security controls, compliance readiness, consistent testing and improvement and continuous security assurance.

IT Governance

Information technology governance (IT governance) is the methodology used to align an organization’s business strategy and goals with IT services, systems and even the environment.

At ICTLinkCentre, we have a pool of experienced professionals in IT Governance and will assist your organization to come up with a framework that ensures there is maximum utilization of your IT resources for the achievement of your organizational objectives. The framework is also capable of measuring the performance of your IT in comparison with the goals and objectives of the organization.

IT Security

Organizations are subject to several regulations that revolve around protecting confidential information, financial accountability, data protection, disaster recovery and other information assets.

At ICTLinkCentre, we support clients to ensure that your information is well protected by assisting you identify the IT vulnerabilities, compliance issues and as well, assisting you in developing effective security measures and data recovery plans. We ensure your information and data is safe and blocks any malicious access attempt.

IT Risk Management Services

Many organizations are undergoing rapid growth and thus investing in large and complex information systems, new technologies and structures which present them with new opportunities and threats. This makes it necessary for organizations to mitigate the risks associated with the IT infrastructure they are investing and install control measures.

At ICTLinkCentre, we realize the need for organizations to keep pace with new technology and exploit the colossal opportunities these innovations offer. However, we are also mindful of the risks they expose an organization to and the need for management to control those risks. This is why our IT experts, who have years of experience in delivering IT services, are committed to assisting you identify and manage these risks for you to meet your financial goals.

Business Process Mapping

The guiding principle of Business Process Mapping is that you cannot manage what you do not measure. In addition, it is toilsome to determine what and how to measure if expectations are not documented. Business Process Mapping is a visual representation of business processes, showing how a process should start to where it ends. It is a clear-cut of what an organization does, how it is done and who is responsible for each task in the process.

Have you had bottlenecks such as tasks piling up on the wrong desks? Do you have chaotic instances where roles are not clearly defined?

With business process mapping:

  1. Gaps existing between organization structure and workflows are easily identified
  2. Organizations achieve corporate clarity around business process
  3. Organization can identify what each customer needs, what every business process provides and where gaps exist
  4. Leaders are able to define what is important to organization success and thus what is important to measure to drive the desired results
  5. Leaders are able to assess organization’s management structure comparative to the business processes that deliver value for customers
  6. The level of effectiveness and efficiency in a department is revealed; how resources are utilized to execute a process and the number of approvals required to produce a product or service.

At ICTLinkCentre Consulting we are determined to support you in improving business performance by automating the entire process, making it elementary to succeed in your market.

Information Technology Procurement

IT Procurement is essential to organizations which use information systems and equipment to steer their projects, processes and procedures. Today, computers and software solutions are integrated into nearly all organizations to carry out strategic and operational processes.

Organizations should manage their IT procurement in a manner that satisfies their necessities and respects their constraints. Hence, a correctly designed and implemented IT procurement undertaking is essential to maximize the value of your spending. Failure to do so will not only be felt in IT but also in the organizations’ core processes.

An IT procurement process is extremely essential in organizations that acquire Information Technology and it should be deliberately assimilated in order to create a basis in which a company can acquire high-quality and effective hardware, software, tele-communications equipment and computer system. We help you:

  1. Define your IT requirements
  2. Manage vendors, negotiate and implement your contracts
  3. Verify the quality of products and services provided

Based on the benefits and challenges your organization faces in managing IT infrastructure, ICTLinkCentre helps you come up with a comprehensive IT Procurement Framework. This is a strategy to illustrate systematically the processes and sub-processes and the key issues involved in IT Procurement.

We also assess the industry’s best practices for IT procurement and examine how you could benefit from IT procurement.

ICT Audits

Organizations have automated most operations making ICT a key component to the achievement of their objectives which makes Information Systems and Infrastructure, a critical component for organizations today.

ICT must therefore be fully aligned to the firm’s objectives and must address key areas of focus including Mapping of Business Objectives to technology, Risk Management, Business Process Controls, Asset protection, Revenue Management, Expenditure Controls, Regulatory Compliance, Governance as well as Fraud Management.

ICTLinkCentre Consulting conducts comprehensive ICT audits and advises clients on what controls to put in place to ensure all business objectives are achieved through efficient and effective utilization of ICT resources. ICTLinkCentre Consulting ICT Audit is comprehensive and covers the following areas:

  • Alignment of ICT investment to the overall business strategy
  • ICT Management suitability to deliver the corporate ICT and business agenda
  • All ICT Infrastructure
  • ICT Security
  • Business Systems and Applications
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Penetration testing and Cyber Security Services

ICTLinkCentre Consulting works with client organization to ensure the alignment of ICT and business objectives to risks managed and goals achieved.

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